What is it?

Not much yet.  But my plan is to make it a 'brainstorming' application, letting you easily create charts with your ideas and notes, and then letting you export the text in various word-processor formats.

Who is it for?

Principally, this will be an educational product for children, so it must be easy to use.  But I also expect it to be useful for just about anyone who wishes to create visual plans or outlines.  It could be a good way to get started on a writing project, for instance.

Aren't there already commercial products like this?

Yes, for Windows and Macintosh.  Aside from running on Linux, Think3D, as its name implies, will have one special difference:  3D graphics.  Chart entries will be 3D, and range from simple boxes (all there is at the moment), to models from popular 3D design programs like 3DSMAX.

In addition, my plan is to support as many languages as possible.  Think3D already has its own text-processing engine, and is designed from the start to use Unicode.  My hope, also, is to include bidirectional support.  In addition, the project is using Freetype2 for its font support, so it should be highly portable.


From the current prototype:
 Snapshot from prototype


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